Holding Onto Me

[Verse 1] My hear is breaking, My faith is failing, and everything seems so lost. I hear you call me, I feel you hold me, As Your love heals me. [Chorus] Your love is my shield, my shelter in this storm. Your wings are my refuge, I hide myself in...Read more

You are the ONE

[Verse 1] When I fall down, Broken to the ground, YOU find me and you pick me up! And I see YOU, YOUR hands of Love, YOU saved me from my sin and fear! [Chorus] YOU are the One I need, When I’m lost in this emptiness. YOU are the...Read more

Show me Where to Go

Verse 1: Lord, You’ve given me a choice, which way do I go? Should I go left or right, I’m lost, I just don’t know. I try to stop and listen, for your voice to lead the way. Your still small quiet whisper, I need to hear every day! Pre...Read more

Your Love

As darkness surrounds me, as fear covers all around, I look to you Jesus, to this love that I have found. (2x) Chorus: Jesus your love, it heals me. Your love, it comforts me, Your love, your blood has saved my life! Your love, Your love, Your love! As deep...Read more

My Country

Surrounded by backstabbing mercenaries and traitorous persons with a cold heart, I try to escape to my own world, only to find it in utter ruin. My world has started collapsing around me, its existence diminishing. As my world collapsing around me, I can do no more than watch helplessly....Read more

A Nation At War

In the city of the sun, Amatieâ in the land of Baharamoth, it is the celebration of the founding of an independent country. The king, King Marshall, Queen Lilya, and Prince Ethan are on the front float in the parade. It is the tenth year since Baharamoth has been created....Read more

The Old House

The house on the corner of Failure and Misery is falling apart. The old foundation is crumpling, the paint is chipped and falling off the half rotten oak frame. The house stank with the foul stench of age and the stale air within. The house creaks hauntingly as the mercilous...Read more

The Looking Glass

I peer through a looking glass, only to see the reflection of the things that were; things that all have been nothing but failure. A small voice beside me says “Look again!” I looked , and observed this time, a great black beast, the rage and anger of the years...Read more


Looking all around, nothing making a sound, All my joy is waning, and my gladness draining. The happiness I once held dear, flees as hopelessness comes near. People turn their backs on me, As they walk away all I see, Is another loss, another failure, just another mistake, leaving me...Read more

Darkness Eternal

Darkness engulfs all, as the light from a small heart, flickers it’s last beat. A joy now forever gone. Sorrow, grief, pain, not an eternal torment. Solitude and perpetual anguish, sadness without end.Read more