Surrounded by backstabbing mercenaries and traitorous persons with a cold heart, I try to escape to my own world, only to find it in utter ruin. My world has started collapsing around me, its existence diminishing. As my world collapsing around me, I can do no more than watch helplessly. The very heart of the world is freezing over, as it is missing something very important to it, the very life that keeps this world alive. I look in the distance, and see an army, coming to invade this already desolate world. I am alone, the one sole defender of my world. I step back, only to slip down a slope, at the bottom, a black abyss, a pit in my disintegrating world. I cannot move forward nor backwards, I am trapped. Nothing stands between the ever advancing army and my distraught country. Questions plague my already deeply troubled mind. “Should I stand and fight, or run and hide?” “Should I let them come and kill me, or should I fall on my sword and die alone?” This knife is stuck in my heart, and the cold twisted blade causes more pain than ever imaginable. I look up and see that all that was once green and beautiful, now a charred wasteland set ablaze by the approaching army. The unimaginable has become the bitterest of realities. My comrades have betrayed and deserted me. I SHALL AVENGE THEM, though it will cost me more than I have already lost. “I SHALL TAKE UP ARMS THIS DAY, AND DEFEND THAT WHICH IS MINE!” I think to myself. But then again, the cruelest of realizations hits me. No matter what I do, even if I recreate this world, it will not survive… for the very heart, the heart of the one whom I love is gone, and in its stead, a black hole.

The poison is now gone, and has left its damage. I look up to survey the world around me, and find that the battle is over. It is a draw. I get up, and find my world, frozen in the dead of winter. The heart is cold, the emptiness takes over. My heart, pierced by the poisonus blade has now frozen over threefold, so that none shall melt it. I go about rebuilding this empty desolate place, in hopes of returning the delicate balance back to normal. This question iches my mind and repeats itself over and over… “What is normal?” I cannot answer, for i do not know. I find myself completly alone, no one but myself, no companion, no friend, no loved one. The one whom i had called beloved has left me, and this world. I have fallen…fallen in love, and it threw me away, to the depts of the abyss. I have risen from my fall, and shall rejoin my comrads by their side to fend off this thing called “love.” I HAVE FOUGHT THE FIGHT, AND I HAVE CONQUERED!

As I walked among the many ruins and half built buildings, a fair maiden emerged from among the few new trees. As I approached her, I noticed right away her long flowing hair and her slender frame. As I got closer, more features were visible. Her eyes were a stunning blue, and her smile; her smile was so…so..disarming. I continued to approach, and could make out laughter. Her laughter was like music to me. As I got closer still, she started to run, her white dress and hair flowing in the breeze. I followed on, unsure as to what was going to happen. She ran toward a meadow in this desolate wasteland, with tall grass, and the most beautiful flowers to ever grow in this land. She stopped, and beckoned me. I came to her and could hear her speak. Her voice was calm, low, and soothing. She said all will be better in the end, and she took my hand, her long fingers entwined themselves into mine. She started running, pulling me along, showing me what has happened, what is happening, and what can happen. She told me to trust her, follow and believe her, as she led me on. She showed a vision of my country, rebuilt and bustling with life again, me, the king smiling as if I’ve never smiled, and my queen was by my side. As she pulled away to leave, I stopped her and stroked her soft cheek and asked if I’d ever see her again. She just smiled and turned and walked away. I will always search for her, and will always wish o be with her, have her by my side, for I cannot forget the hope and encouragement she gave me, nor will I forget the beauty or purity of this short encounter.

Reality soon set in however, and I realized it was just a dream. I longed deeply for such to be truth, but I twist even more under the weight of such sadness of being alone. Things never change though, I am sure of this. A lifetime of alone is a bitter price to pay, one that is worse than death itself. The cold winds blowing no longer are felt as stabs of pain; they only reinforce the coldness of my heart. The bitterness that has come to be is now just another day in the life and I grow greatly weary of it. The days drag on, the nights linger even more, the loneliness beating at me with fists of fury. As true winter comes, the coldness is just another pain, another addition to the never ending damnation of life. Even still, the poison I thought to be gone courses through my body, devastating me. The pain becomes at times unbearable, and I am weakening every day. This is coming near to torture and I am starting to fail. I cannot do this alone, for I shall inevitably fall to my doom. The longing for one who is true grows stronger and stronger, while everything in me fights to silence this passion, the hole grows bigger, the pain stronger, as one by one people abandon hope and run. This battle is never over, just lingers, getting harder to fight as everyone walks away.

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