Welcome to my small corner of the web!
My name is Tzolak and I have been blogging, writing, and so much more for many years. This site will serve as my blog center, and from here there will be several different blogs, or themes. Please view the menu above to visit each of the different themes. They are as follows:

  • Small Graces. This theme/blog is dedicated to sharing (hopefully each day) something or several things that were blessings in my life. Could be as simple as someone making me smile, to, well, I don’t know, the sky’s the limit. Inspiration for this section comes from a song called “Small Graces” by Bob Bennett.
  • Song of the Day. This section is dedicated to sharing a song that speaks to me, or to one of our readers. This content is meant to be interactive and interacted with you all. If you want to request or suggest a song, please send an email to us right here. Please include the following:
    • Song Title
    • Artist
    • Reason for suggestion/how it speaks to you.
    • Please keep this music Godly. That is a MAJOR point in this blog.
  • Poetry. This section is is broken down into 3 sections. This houses many old poems, as well as the original pages for the blog sections now housed here.
  • Daily Haiku. A practice in poetry and writing…just a little fun here.
  • Stories. This is old and new stories.
  • Lyrics. This section is both old and new lyrics to be added.
  • More to come. (Not a section)

Please do not hesitate to reach out by leaving comments, emailing me right here with suggested content and so on. I hope to make this site more than just a blog, and maybe even want to one day open it up to community, other people to be involved and host blogs. If you have content you want shared, do not hesitate to email me to discuss it!

Thank you for visiting, and I hope to hear and interact with you in the future.