I peer through a looking glass, only to see the reflection of the things that were; things that all have been nothing but failure. A small voice beside me says “Look again!” I looked , and observed this time, a great black beast, the rage and anger of the years taking over, all the joy and light has fled, not a flicker of hope remains visible. I fall back, startled, afraid of what I saw. The voice, calm, soft, and gentle said, “Look again!” Reluctantly, I creep to the glass, and peer through it. I see the utter darkness of defeat, yet, a small ray of hope shines through, piercing the darkness. I looked up, wanting an explanation, only to find myself alone again. I look again, wanting to believe in that small ray of hope, but, all i see is utter defeat. I see an image. It’s her; the one I love. But beside her, it is another, and he leads her away. I am alone, swept up by the utter darkness. Everything I was, all I had is now gone, and I am left in this utter darkness, alone, and full of nothing but empty and crushed dreams.

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