Holding Onto Me

[Verse 1] My hear is breaking, My faith is failing, and everything seems so lost. I hear you call me, I feel you hold me, As Your love heals me. [Chorus] Your love is my shield, my shelter in this storm. Your wings are my refuge, I hide myself in...Read more

You are the ONE

[Verse 1] When I fall down, Broken to the ground, YOU find me and you pick me up! And I see YOU, YOUR hands of Love, YOU saved me from my sin and fear! [Chorus] YOU are the One I need, When I’m lost in this emptiness. YOU are the...Read more

Show me Where to Go

Verse 1: Lord, You’ve given me a choice, which way do I go? Should I go left or right, I’m lost, I just don’t know. I try to stop and listen, for your voice to lead the way. Your still small quiet whisper, I need to hear every day! Pre...Read more

Your Love

As darkness surrounds me, as fear covers all around, I look to you Jesus, to this love that I have found. (2x) Chorus: Jesus your love, it heals me. Your love, it comforts me, Your love, your blood has saved my life! Your love, Your love, Your love! As deep...Read more