My Forest

Trees twisted together, Branches holding tight, The forest gently whispers, ‘Beautiful spring is in sight!’ A tiny narrow road, Winding through this wood, Carries me to the trees, to the heart of this old forest. My heart now at ease, my mind now at rest, my soul filled with contentment,...Read more

Fire Rekindled

I have a fire in my heart you see, That has grown dimmer that is used to be. My feelings for someone disappearing, Until I heard them sing. What a voice, to it I swoon, To think I will meet it again soon. The passion in my soul swells, As...Read more


In my walk through life, I seek but one thing. A sanctuary, That place of resting, safety, security, The place I will never want to leave. I have found my sanctuary, It is with her, it is in her arms, My heart, soul, and mind, All rest in her, never...Read more

Time [Revisited]

My, my time passes by, The fun seems to fly. The bore continually dragging And life starts lagging. The times always change, The new and old seem both so strange. As some people get tired, Some are very inspired, By the times that are now acquired.Read more


As the days go by, My friends stop saying hi. The dust covers gold, This life is getting old. My work turns to rest, Past my prime; the best. People once honored by fame, Slowly fade and lose their name. Things go and wither away, Please tell me why they...Read more

Reminiscent Past

To think of the past, Is to bring back memories that last. To laugh at all of the fun, Shudder at the scary and sad. But the best memories, Are of times with your friends, Your best friends. The people who you wish to know, For as long as you...Read more