To think of the past,
Is to bring back memories that last.
To laugh at all of the fun,
Shudder at the scary and sad.
But the best memories,
Are of times with your friends,
Your best friends.
The people who you wish to know,
For as long as you life,
The ones closest to your heart,
And in your mind all the time.
The times you spent with a loved one,
Or even made new friend,
Always make me laugh.
My thoughts drift back,
To life’s craziness,
What was made from and embarrassing situation,
Or just how I got to spend time, or even meet my closest friend,
And it makes me realize,
That I never want it to end,
That I was living those moments again,
A picture with a friend,
Is all that I need,
To bring back the memories,
And just to smile.

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